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ADD ME & I'll ADD YOU BACK. Just trying to get more safari zones.
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I haven't been myself lately.  This year begun with a bang and high hopes in exploring new forms of art and how far I could push the limit.
I made some serious progress in other areas and now plan to make it back to DA. That is beginning with the art works I must deliver to those I made promises to.
Sorry about the length of time, it wasn't planned but also couldn't be helped.

I miss the Battle Artists most of all. I can't jump in right now, but soon I hope to spread some moxy once again.
I've gotta see what you guys have been up to. I miss the community and the personalities behind it.
I'll have to overhaul my gallery, though and it is about time. Growth sometimes, is never expected especially when it is most needed.
I like to think that artists balance their lives, most being introverts at heart. When things are out of balance it may show too obviously in an artists work and
correction is much needed.

Ending this message on a high note. An artist is never without their form. Talent is ever-present even without practice.
I hope to bring more smiles and scowls this year and going to the next.

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I had to base the winner off the time stamp of the count on my last journal entry.
It really was that close!
Note or message is ok :iconkaemgen: did both.
It's as accurate as I could get.
:iconmadamevex: clocked in with 6001 on counter
while the other two got 6000 on the dot.

Based on each screen shot they were in seconds of each other:
3rd :iconmadamevex:
2nd :iconkaemgen:
1st :iconenmismanima: Won by a second

But, I can't just leave it like this.
:iconkaemgen: & :iconmadamevex:
You both get a door prize for speed!
Chibi pencil drawing of a character of your choice.
Should you accept, please send a note of the character you'd like to have Chibi-FIED!

Thanks to everyone who played in the KIRIBAN 6000 and stay tuned for KIRIBAN 7000 in the near future!
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Kiriban 6000 is so can almost taste it.
I have a bit on my plate at this moment. But, the weekend is coming, and I plan to complete several things by next week.
So far I have an X-Man to color, a Jin Saotome image to complete, a promise to an Assassin's apprentice and a very odd position for Skeletor.

With this and more, I plan to die like a true artist...with a, um or stylus in my hand.

Can't wait to see who scores 6000!
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Looks like that 6,000th page view Kiriban is right around the corner.

Listen, If you're just tuning in. I'm doing a KIRIBAN! For every 1000 pageviews till I hit 10,000.
So far I've only done 1 to reach 5,000 and I think the winner of that one was pretty pleased to
receive some free art work. I know I was pretty glad to do it. The character was pretty,pretty cool.

So if, you're watching...or if you happen to to see the marker hit 6,000.
Hit me with a note and the person who screen shots 6,000 or closest to 6,000 after going over,
wins them self a free image.

* Please limit requests to Fan Art or OC's (Landscapes or Scenes may take me a while)
* No X-Rated Material Please
* No Hate, Extreme Violence or Images that would make me embarrassed to say "I made it."

Thank to all watchers & friends here on DA and Stay Tuned.
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Alright Sports Fans!

:icondiodellamorte: won my KIRIBAN 5,000.
KIRIBAN 6,000 is swiftly approaching.
screen shot, note, and post and you win.

This is an OC friendly Kiriban so lets rev-up to 6,000!!!
Fun for me and you! Thanks.

* Be aware there are some reservations to these kiribans.
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You have to make a team of only 4 X-men ( vintage or present day) to protect your well being. Who do you choose?
I'm just curious.
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You know what that means...KIRIBAN for 6000 page views.
Win a pencil drawing of your choice.
Just snap a screen of 6000 Pageviews...note me and I'll send it on the way!

:icondiodellamorte: scored the goal this round.
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  • Playing: Top Gun (I do love dogfights)
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I'm less than 100 pairs of eyes from 5000. This requires a kiriban of some sort.
But, what? I'll just say this. Screenshot the 5000th page view,send it to me and make a request.

Also, I was thinking of starting an Art Jam Club. In this club a character would be chosen. Anything from gender bending to
Anthro re-designs would be accepted. Just would have to be your creative"take" on the charater.
There might also be OC re-designs as well.

Ij ust want to see who might be interested in something like this.
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I'm working on my Gargoyles themed piece now and will post the drawing soon.
I'm excited and I'm putting up the next poll.

KIRIBAN! Drawing the fan arts you watchers want to see.
So the next poll will be posted today and I'll collect votes till the Gargoyles piece is finished.
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I looked up and realized I'm 900 pairs of eyes away from 5,000 page views!
That may not be a lot to some but, it's much and more to me. Especially since this DA page is
dedicated to my own fun.

So what does that mean for you, weeeell, this is it.
I'll be setting a poll every week that will involve a theme for a MYSTERY PIECE!
I'll create that mystery piece and post one each week,till I reach 5,000 page views.

The theme will be chosen by my Awesome and Ever Faithful Watchers.
Stay Tuned for the Theme!

The 5000th pageview theme will go to the first person to take a screenshot and note me.
That person can then choose a theme and I will create a piece based off the theme.

I will not do anything vile or extremely disagreeable to me or the general public. You watchers, seem to be a creative enough crowd to come up with something fun and exciting though, soooo I'm not worried.

Thanks to every one viewing this and  NOW you may want to check out the poll!
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  • Reading: 20th Century Ghosts
  • Watching: The Walking Dead
  • Playing: to WIN!
  • Eating: Popcorn Chicken
  • Drinking: Vanilla Coke Zero
I have stumbled across some bits of advice in my life. Some advice has been useful and other tidbits of opinion, not as much.
Useful information tends to be repeated and (if actively sought out) can be rewarding and helpful, sometimes even life changing.

Having a wealth of advice is great, given that you know how to communicate it. In this way my favorite way of giving advice is through practice.
When you "practice what you preach" you are proving that something works for you. By proving methods this way one can give helpful advice, that advice has been proven and the excitement of helping someone else with the same and advice is uplifting and exciting.

My blogs so far have reflected my confusion about blogging in general.  So I'm turning this into an advice blog. I never have before blogged for entertainment and while I don't have any Authority to give advice, I do have a medium to but this UNauthorized advice to a general public who may or may not use it to their advantage.

So, what can one hope to find on my blog...
Here we go.  ADVICE, RESOURCES & FEATURES of Artists on DA.

So with that being said here is my first episode of my:
Open to Suggestion -art blog.

The resource feature of today is a podcast  that has helped me improve my drawing skills dramatically.

I have had an anxiety of not drawing everyday and that has crippled my production of projects and over all talent over the years.
"Drawing in spurts" is what I call it. Spurts (to me) are emotional gusts of energy that either lead you to , or further away from a desired goal.
I feel most artists are faced with this issue and there really is one be able to draw again.

The "I don't feel like it" attitude for the artist, is the most useless attitude one could have. It's useless because it stops you from being the most expressive part of yourself. When you combine the distractions of ever day life, this attitude has a burying effect and you'll find yourself in a pit for days, weeks and other quantifying increments of time and for what....a feeling. Well I have a solution, my solution isn't magical but, it may take some time to do. This solution is to:

Solution 1 : Find a reason
Find a reason why you aren't working. Those range from depression to just not enough time. Next, find a reason why you want to do the art. What is nagging you about not producing? If something is nagging you, evidently you have something you must put out in the world. Next- Work on the nagging feeling by:

-Picking up a pencil while watching T.V.

-Cleaning your work station with your stylus in your pocket (subliminally you may want to sit down when this is done and pulling out your stylus may be just the thing you need to begin working on the nagging feeling)

-Take a nap with your sketchbook

or just make a slew of awful drawings. I recommend doing this all the time, keeps the creative juices frustrated and I do some of my best learning sorting out frustration.

Solution 2: EMULATE!

I am not going to candy coat this one. Find an artist you looooove and copy them.
Draw from what they've done. Copying is a potent way to practice. You don't have to treat it as your own or
post it on DA but, try it out and see how it makes you feel...ITS REWARDING~let me tell you.


I have become a podcast junkie and will provide here my three favorite of favorite art casts. Reading blogs about art and and what people are doing also helps me a lot. is one of my favorite blogs to read.
not to mention blogs by these fellow deviants: :iconmancomb-seepwood: :iconloish: & :iconshycustis: Ok i admire the hell out of these people but, for good reason, they provide an element of realism to their audience. This type of realism is just practical and triggers certain responses from me, the most consistent response, in truth, is inspiration.  :iconmancomb-seepwood:  art awakens my passion to do art, :iconloish: triggers my creativity and :iconshycustis: worx are so awesome they aggravate me to the point of taking up my lead warrior and destroying a perfectly clean sketch book page.

Find those that inspire you and coast off "Power of One" they provide.
On that note check these podcasts as well.
1. [link] This one is the Paperwings podcast 10 of 10 in my opinion they'll set you a'right
2.[link]Chris Oatley's Art Cast-LOADED with information
3.[link]Escape from Illustrator island-Interviews are FULL OF WHOLESOME ARTINESS! EAT UP!
Podcast can be found on i-tunes as well subscribe and start arting.

Go and check out :iconcasieharris:'s gallery wall. She completed her first digi-stration this week. Leave a comment and I may feature you in my next episode of:

My OPEN to Suggestion artblog!

Till next Time get up and :DRAW!!!
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I've got them both. I know sometimes it feels like the artistic flames are almost smothered and sometimes to a greater extent even completely extinguished.
It is just a part of the ebb and flow of life. This is a real world and with it comes real obstacles. Those obstacles improve our chances of survival for future obstacles, I mean just as long as a person isn't completely stopped by said obstacle.

In art it's the much the same way. Get to a wall,climb it! Get to a block BREAK IT! The best way you can. I believe in "The power of one" and know, for any one reading this The world is severally lacking without your involvement.
For those at the top KEEP RISING, For those on the move CONTINUE TO RISE and for those who feel they are on the bottom RISE AGAIN!!!

That is all.
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This year has been full of twists, turns, happiness & burns. But, I'm getting the upper hand.
I'm still not where I want to be in the digital art realm. There aren't many in my city who even do what I like to do, so I get no awesome
tricks of the trade,so to speak. I wasn't a self taught artist till the day I decided to pick up a tablet and stylus. Now that I've done so I've been impressed by
the other pixel pushers in this community and at large.

I'm saying all this because if you have any sweet pointers I'd like you to drop them down. I'm not out to be  a major celebrity, but, I do want clean work. If  you know anything helpful just go ahead and post it. Chances are by doing so, you'll pick up some nice pointers in your own art. KEEP CREATING, Masters of illusions you have the talent for a reason...that is all.
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Projects, Writing, Dating, Living...
Exercising, Exorcising, Praying, Playing...
Driving, Working, Eating, Sleeping...
Loving, Teaching,Searching, Reaching...
Reading, Gaming, Running, Cooking...
Typing, Shopping, Paying, Forgetting...
Opening, Talking, Figuring, Closing...
Hating, Arguing, Fighting, Touching...
Remembering, Forgiving, Seeking, Finding...
Organizing, Concentrating, Summoning, Retiring...
Drawing, Drawing, Drawing, Drawing...
Painting, Creating, Painting, Creating ...
Creating,Creating, Creating, Creating...
Living, Fearing, Conquering, Living...
No More Waiting...

Our lives keep twisting and we keep adjusting, and when we stop adjusting, Life does it's own thing.
I just needed to get this off my chest. This seems like what walking around with a severed head feels like.
I could've put it more lightly, but, I hate the phrase "Like a chicken with it's head chopped off".
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So, I moved and now things are starting to even out. I can't believe I've been out of sorts for so long, and yet, here I am.
Well the least I can do is toss a drawing or two up here before I'm completely settled in.
Besides I have to have something to post for :iconrobaato: 's contest. I have a few antagonists up my sleeve who love rats.
Check out the contest, it's all about concept, which is an extra touch of brilliance since so many in this community have such brilliant minds.

Thanks to everyone dropping by and I'll be posting soon, I just have to get settled. That should've been inner dialogue but, it's true. I haven't hooked my scanner up and that is integral to the posting process, lol.
See ya all around!
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Hey DA, I'm back!! I have been  out of commission for a while.  Shiz happens but, I've returned and glad to be back.
I don't know what else really to say, except. Let's get on with the show!
Thanks for the messages even though I couldn't get them, they all were well received and I couldn't stop smiling after reading them.
Watchers: new and veteran, I gotta see what you all have been up to!

Thanks again, and stay  tuned!!
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After I finish a project, it is so difficult to begin another one.
THANK the art gods for chibis. Also, any one who reads this. I will be opening up commissions in
April. I was planning to focus on World of Warcraft characters. I don't play but, I think WoW would be art would be fun for Just working on a few samples for now.

Stay tuned and 24 hour sketch will be in 3 days. Stay Tuned!
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Thought it might be cool to test this out.

I came up with the idea of a 24 Hour sketch contest to see who all might want to join me in just drawing everyday.I have other ideas including a bi-monthly Watcher KIRIBAN!!
But, for now let me explain the rules of the 24 Hour Sketch.

-Sketch must be posted within 24 Hours of the post time of this journal.
-I(mulcimber) dream up the theme...(of course I'm open to requests) and all involved must sketch from that theme.
-I(mulcimber) will choose a winner from the first 10 links posted on this journal
-Winner will get a Journal dedicated to their gallery and I ask that everyone participating do the same.(not just the first ten entries)
- Winner will not be picked on skill alone, but, cool concept, pose and general imagination
-Requests for themes can be posted on my page but, I'll take a note much more seriously
-Lets not post images already created, please work within the time frame. THANKS!!

~PLEASE TREAT THIS AS A GAME! And All who are playing, the main goal is to HAVE FUN.

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Thanks for playing, everyone who participated!!
:iconsnowlullaby: was the winner.

But, :iconvixenthewolf: was integral.

And I'd like to thank all new watchers!
In this order!
:iconshnook: your icon is hilarious.

Also for any one reading. I'd like to do watcher based artwork. So, I'll send an alert when I am going to do the following:

Watcher Based KIRIBANS!!

Art Jams ~ based on a theme I pick. (Currently, locked in one with :iconneko-mitsurugi: be on the look out for KILLER CROC!(You won't seem him, but, you will feel him there, lol)

& Watcher Face-Offs Where a challenge is issued on my Journal for a 24 hour drawing (no color needed)drop a link and a winner will be chosen based on the first ten links. If all agree The winner gets a journal dedicated to them from all contenders.

If you're in let me know, til then, I'm sticking to my watchers! Thanks Gang!
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